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How do professionals clean restaurants?

A professional cleaning company uses the latest commercial grade chemicals and equipment to make sure that the client passes inspection standards by local authorities while keeping the safety of both the diners and the restaurant employees in mind.

This includes floor to ceiling cleaning and sanitizing, and will likewise clean the exteriors to prevent infestation. Such a commercial company knows the pain points often neglected by in-house cleaning staff and prioritizes the most critical areas to keep your restaurant the cleaning service it deserves.


  1. Professional cleaning companies are knowledgeable in terms of local laws governing health inspectors’ standards. Your in-house company cleaning staff members most likely are not. So if you want to pass sanitary inspection and avoid closure, hire the pros to do the job.
  2. Commercial cleaning companies are always updated with the best commercial-grade equipment and cleaning chemicals. For example, the EPA has released a list of chemicals approved for COVID, called the listN.
  3. Restaurant cleaning pros know the pain points in terms of the most critical places to deep clean, from food preparation surfaces, hoods, carpets and flooring, to bathrooms.
  4. As for carpet cleaning, it takes more than just a vacuum to do the job. Professional carpet cleaning involves a vacuum that has a HEPA filtration capability, application of a special type of cleaner, then rinse and dry.
  5. Restaurant cleaning professionals can clean hard-to-reach places such as ducts and exhausts, which are often left out by in-house cleaners. A dirty exhaust system is a fire hazard and can result in rejected insurance claims, aside from being a source of airborne illnesses.
  6. Companies providing restaurant cleaning service are certified professionals and know how to deep clean your restaurant at industry standards to keep health inspectors happy and the customers safe.